While a student’s education must focus mainly on classroom instruction (and the homework assignments that might come with that instruction), Harvest Hills Christian School also knows the value of an exciting, well-rounded athletic program in a learning environment. Our goal is to help each student develop physically, as well as academically. It’s great to hear a student say on Thursday afternoon, “I’m studying for a test tomorrow.” It’s also something special to hear that same student scream out in the gym on Friday night, “Let’s go, Knights!”

Upper Elementary, Jr. High, and Sr. High girls have the opportunity to play on the school’s volleyball and basketball teams.

Upper Elementary, Jr. High, and Sr. High boys compete on the school’s basketball teams.

Our Knights teams compete in the Heartland Christian Athletic Association’s annual state tournaments, as well as Christian school tournaments in Kansas.

Every year, Harvest Hills Christian School hosts an invitational basketball tournament (for boys’ and girls’ teams). Schools from all around the area and even from Kansas come to our gym to compete.

Our annual school Spirit Week provides plenty of fun and pumps up our athletes to “win the big one.”

No team wins every game it plays. Our ball players are taught how to be humble and gracious whether the game has been won or lost.

Because our school is a Christian school, coaches look for opportunities to teach our student athletes important spiritual lessons before and during their ball games. A coach might even give a Bible verse to help the Christian athlete understand a typical lesson like the following:


  • Always do your best—all for the glory of God.
  • Never quit—even when it seems impossible to go on.
  • Honor and obey your coach.  He’s not perfect, but he is your God-given leader and authority.
  • Respect the referees, and don’t argue with them.  Let them do their job; you do yours.
  • Be glad when another team member has a better game than you do.
  • Do your best to win the game, but always remember that, in the light of eternity, it’s only a game.
  • Remember that what you do in practice you will tend to do in a real game situation.
  • Never glory in your accomplishments.  Remember Who gave you your ability.
  • Play by the rules.  Rules are meant to benefit everyone—not to kill everyone’s fun.
  • When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
  • You will never be a good ball player or a good Christian unless you learn the value of personal discipline.