Brian K. Tillman, Principal

Principal Brian K. TillmanMr. Brian K. Tillman, the principal of Harvest Hills Christian School, was born and reared in Greenville, South Carolina.  Following his graduation from high school, he attended and graduated from Bob Jones University, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in Bible Education.

Mr. Tillman later earned an M.A. degree in Education Administration.  He is currently working on a Doctor of Education degree, needing only his dissertation to receive his degree.

In 1981, Mr. Tillman moved to Canoga Park, California, where he taught 7th grade Bible, 9th grade History, 9th grade German, and Physical Education for 3 years at Faith Baptist School.  While he was teaching in California, Mr. Tillman married his wife, Deanna.  Their first son, Nathan, was born while they lived there.

Mr. Tillman’s next place of service for the Lord was Seattle Regular Baptist School, in Seattle, Washington.  While he was the principal of the school for 4 years, he also taught high school Bible, Physical Science, and Biology.  While Mr. Tillman was serving in Seattle, the Lord gave him and his wife their second son, Keith.

The Tillman family moved to Oklahoma City in July of 1991, as Mr. Tillman was called to be the principal of Harvest Hills Christian School.  Since then, he has faithfully served in this position.  Along with being the principal of HHCS, Mr. Tillman has taught, and continues to teach several Jr. High and Sr. High classes.  Some of these classes include: World History, U.S. History, Government, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, and Speech.

Mr. Tillman stays in shape by coaching the boys’ basketball teams.  He also coached the girls’ basketball team for several years.  Mr. Tillman fills up much of his spare time by doing extra things in the school ministry.  He has directed many Christmas and spring school programs.  He prepares the Sr. High students for the annual Mid-America Association of Christian School’s Academic, Bible, and Fine Arts Competition.  He is also known as the “fixer-upper” around school—when he is needed to fill that role.  Everyone knows that when Mr. Tillman is away from school, he enjoys his dogs, his books, his soccer, and his building projects.

Mr. Tillman cares about each student’s academic progress, but more than that, he cares about the student’s walk with the Lord.  He is continually aware of the fact that his life and service is not just about education; it’s about Christian education.