Congregational SingingCongregational singing is always a special part of each church service at Harvest Hills Baptist Church.  We sing a variety of songs — hymns, gospel songs, and choruses.  Our singing is not led by a praise and worship team, nor is it accompanied by a praise and worship band.  Drums and guitars do not provide a rock beat behind the singing.  While most of our songs are traditional in nature, we do sing many new songs written during the last few years.  They are therefore “contemporary” (new; up-to-date) by definition, but they are not the CCM songs so prevalent in most churches today (contemporary “Christian” music, with a rock beat).  If you visit our church, you will agree that our singing is enthusiastic, sincere, and vibrant.



  • Our Adult Choir sings in every service.  God has graciously blessed our church with many talented singers, who have dedicated themselves, as well as their voices, to faithfully serve the Lord through the ministry of music.
  • Our Children’s Choir provides special music approximately every 8 weeks — in an evening church service.  These boys and girls are truly excited about the opportunity they have to serve the Lord in music, even though they are young.


Along with our congregational singing and the numbers provided by our choirs, you will enjoy additional special music in every service at Harvest Hills Baptist Church.  You might hear a vocal solo, duet, trio, quartet, or small ensemble, or the special music might be provided by an instrumental soloist or group.  The special music is always well-planned and well-prepared.  We believe in giving our best in the Lord’s service.


OrchestraThose who play musical instruments well enough to read music and keep up with the song leader are encouraged to be in our church orchestra, and play along with the singing in our Sunday evening services.  The sound of orchestral instruments, along with our grand piano, keyboard, and organ, add much to our singing.


At Harvest Hills Baptist Church, we want to not only have good Christ-honoring music in our services, we want to encourage our members and friends to listen to good, truly-Christian music when they are away from church — in their homes, cars, workplace, etc.  We, therefore, have a Music and Books Sales Room.  By having a membership in various publishing companies and ministries, we are able to purchase CDs and vocal and instrumental music books at huge discounts.  We pass these discounts on to you, and there are no taxes or shipping and handling fees for you to pay.