Pastor KarsiesChurches are changing much in our generation.  Some of these changes are for the better.  Most of them, I fear, are for the worse.  At Harvest Hills Baptist Church, we have made changes that must be made to keep us up-to-date, and especially to help us fulfill the vision of the ministry God has given to us.  For example, we recently completed a 1.2 million dollar expansion project.  Though our buildings have changed, we remain a church that, more and more, is out of step with the new, fast-changing modern churches of this age.

If you visit us, you will notice that HHBC is still committed to the solid preaching and teaching of God’s Word, the Bible.  We are not in the entertainment business.  Also, unlike many churches today, our goal is not to try to make everyone feel good about himself.  Our desire, as a church, is to learn what the Bible says, what it means, and how we can apply it to our daily lives—all to the glory of God.

If you visit us, you will notice that we have a lot of music at Harvest Hills Baptist Church.  You will also notice that our music is truly church music—Christian music that is quite different than the secular rock music all around us, as well as the contemporary rock music that permeates most churches today.  We still sing the familiar hymns and Gospel songs of the past, as well as some new, fresh (yet conservative) songs that have been recently written.

If you visit us, you will notice that, although we don’t wear expensive clothes, we still “dress up” at HHBC.  After all, we’re not going to a bar, rock concert, night club, rodeo, the State Fair, beach, or even a ballpark or shopping mall.  We are going to church to worship God.  Doesn’t He deserve our best?  We think so.

If you visit us, you will notice that we don’t offer both contemporary and traditional services—so people can have church as they want it.  We’re supposed to be concerned about having church as God wants it.  We know we can’t please everyone, but we must always be sure we’re pleasing the Lord.

If you visit us, you will notice that we’re not a small church and we’re not a mega church.  We are large enough to provide a variety of ministries to meet the various needs of our members and friends.  Yet, we are small enough to get to know, love, and serve each other.  It is not God’s will that a person would go to a huge church just so he can “get lost in the crowd”, and never get involved in the lives of others.  God wants us to know, love, and serve other believers.

If you visit us, you will notice that we really are a “A Bible-centered, Family-oriented Ministry.”  Are you curious enough to come and see for yourself?  I hope so.  Why don’t you come this Sunday?